“Libertarianism” was a project of the corporate lobby world, launched as a big business “ideology” in 1946 by The US Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers. The FEE’s board included the future founder of the John Birch Society, Robert Welch; the most powerful figure in the Mormon church at that time, J Reuben Clark, a frothing racist and anti-Semite after whom BYU named its law school; and United Fruit president Herb Cornuelle.
The purpose of the FEE — and libertarianism, as it was originally created — was to supplement big business lobbying with a pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-economics rationale to back up its policy and legislative attacks on labor and government regulations.


My girlfriend was casually, but viciously sexist against men. It pissed me off and I let her know about it. 

She stopped talking and went to bed. 

I can’t change who I am, I guess. The last one used to complain that I would lecture her about shit.. Which is absolutely true, I admit. I do lecture. I just feel that one of us should think about things before they come out of our mouths. 

Tonight’s argument brought to you by… “Men don’t have to think about how many babies they have. They can just keep having babies into their old age.”

PS - I know at some point I asked her if she thought all men were whores… 


72 Film Fest Year Seven: Team Unimental’s “Patricia’s Box” 

I produced this!


My brother made these last night when he was drunk and sent them to me.


I love this!!!

This game can really go too far.

This game can really go too far.

Thanksgiving centerpiece. “Even the Elder Gods love turkey day.”

Thanksgiving centerpiece. “Even the Elder Gods love turkey day.”


I considered writing a long-winded post, full of woe-is-me complaining… But I thought, nah. I’ll just hash tag that shit.

Gender-Biased Haiku Story

no remorse or fear

set time, set place to meet my 



I’m an animal

those crimes, passionate evil

my end, a slack rope


my peers saw through me

right through my black tie facade

recognized the rage


she was beautiful

in all aspects, all features

she had to be mine


her husband went first

he cried, a child inside

i laughed at his blood


upstairs she slept still

her breathing as soft as silk

no nightgown bare skin


she struggled with me

she had no breath to cry out

her eyes screamed, open wide


her pulse was rapid

my hands tightened on her neck

soft flesh yielding


just once i kissed her

and in my mind she kissed back

her lips were warm still


a lock of her hair

holding her arms around me

i breathed in her air


i vomitted joy

then i shook with excitement 

i brought gasoline


fear and excitement

doused the room, except for her

matches in my hand


i said my goodbye

from the hall i blew a kiss

four lit matches fell


they found me at work

waitressing at a diner 

her hair in my purse


I have an iPhone. I don’t complain about it, as a phone it does everything I could want. (even if it does weight as much as a brick)

I never got a case for it. I didn’t feel like shelling out fifty bucks for an Otter Box or some such nonsense. I reasoned that as an adult I would not drop it or lose control of it. I’m not a klutz at all. And so far I haven’t dropped it, though having it naked does make a lot of other iPhone users I know very nervous. 

The only casualty so far has been the camera. Somehow, the lens of the camera got scratched all to fuck. If you take a picture, everything is blurry and unrecognizable. One of the main reasons for getting an adult phone was to be able to take picture of EVERYTHING. That’s just the kind of guy I am. I specifically chose the Iphone for it’s camera. I paid some money for some camera aps… And I hate spending money on frivolous shit more than anyone I know.  

Now, if I want to take a picture of anything, it’s a Selfie. 

Oh, a beautiful bridge? *click* Selfie. 

A huge, fuck-off spider? *click* Scared-faced Selfie.

It’s annoying. I know that I should just bite the bullet and get a phone and proper protective case, but I don’t really feel like getting violated by a cell phone company at the current time.